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Semester II
All grades are currently working on Evansville Philharmonic's Symphony in Color contest. What is this? Every year this is offered to area tri-state elementary schools. Which is put on by the Philharmonic. They will judge and selected winners will have a chance to accept their award at concert. Last year, Marrs had a few selected to go on in the final round. Who knows what this year will bring! 

This is Marrs second year to participate. I am given a selected piece of music and information about the composer. The student's listen to the music and then interpret into a piece of art work.

This year composer is French man, Maurice Ravel (1875-1937,) and I was given two music selections, "Enchanted Garden" and "Laideronette."

When finished, I will select 10 pieces, 2 from each grade, to go on to be judged by the Philharmonic. Kindergarten is participating but the select piece will be just exhibit. 

K-4th will be working on African-American artwork.
5th Grade will be starting their ceiling tile art work.